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'It's Overpowering and Disgusting': Neighbors Complain of Stinky Farm



    Residents of Haverhill, Massachusetts, have been complaining about an odor coming from the composting site of Kimball Farm. (Published Friday, Dec. 16, 2016)

    "Disgusting" — that's how some residents who live near Kimball Farm in Haverhill, Massachusetts, describe the smell.

    Neighbors say a strong, rancid odor is emanating from the farm's composting site.

    "It's overpowering and disgusting," said one neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous. "It's rotting something or other."

    Haverhill city council members heard several complaints from residents who live on Bradsfield Drive.

    "We've heard their side of the story and we are very concerned," said Michael McGonagle, a Haverhill city council member.

    He said residents told the council they've tried speaking with Tyler Kimball, the owner of the farm, but haven't come to a solution.

    "If you came out between the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., you would just about throw up," said Brad Brooks, a resident of Bradsfield Drive and the developer of the subdivision.

    Brooks said the horrid smells may have chased some customers away.

    "All they've done is, they've had a smell and they turn around and say, 'OK, I'll speak to you later,'" said Brooks.

    Not everyone who lives nearby agrees. Steve Cleary visits the farm often with his daughter and has never noticed a smell out of the ordinary.

    "We come by every couple weeks either to visit the horses or to grab eggs," said Cleary. "Honestly, I've never noticed anything offensive, for sure."

    City officials are now looking into the farm's licenses.

    "We do believe he is licensed to do this composting," said McGonagle.

    Multiple city departments and the Citizen Outreach Committee are working to determine what's being dumped on Kimball Farm and if it's being handled properly.

    "We expect a smell but not every single night," said Brooks.

    The owner of Kimball Farm declined to comment to necn.

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