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Jeb Bush Responds to Trump Statements During New Hampshire Visit

Governor Bush suggested this is just rhetoric to make headlines



    Jeb Bush Talks Trump During Stop in N.H.

    (Published Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2015)

    As Governor Jeb Bush continued campaigning in Manchester, New Hampshire Tuesday, he was very critical of republican front runner Donald Trump's proposal for a "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States."

    Gov. Bush said, "It's not about the blowhards out there just saying stuff, that's not a program, that's not a plan, this is serious business and we shouldn't along the way do exactly what these radical Islamic terrorists want, they want us to marginalize Muslims so that they move in their direction."

    Governor Bush even insisted Trump is not serious about implementing this policy.

    Gov. Bush said, "This is what he does, he's an expert at this, he's phenomenal at garnering attention."

    But New Hampshire voters we spoke with *were* taking Trump's proposal seriously and they were divided on whether Trump's ideas make sense for America.

    James Riel of Manchester, NH said, "Everybody wants this, nobody wants these people here, we want the country left to ourselves but nobody wants to stand up and say it, Trump finally stood up and said hey here's what the American people want, what did he get, a standing ovation."

    Irene Delude of Goffstown, New Hampshire, said, "Not all Muslims are ISIS you know, that you have to realize, I feel bad for those that are over here already and how they must be feeling knowing that it's their countrymen.

    Chris Robinson of Manchester said, "There definitely needs to be some measures but who knows what they are."

    Susan Merrill of Manchester said, "I think he's a fascist and I don't think we should have a fascist as president."

    Meanwhile, New Hampshire's Republican chairperson called Trump's comments "un-Republican, unconstitutional and un-American."

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