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'Layaway Angel' Couple Pays Off 35 Items at Toys 'R' Us Store



    'Layaway Angel' Pays Off Items Bought at Toys 'R' Us

    Thirty-five orders at the Toys 'R' Us in Leominster, totaling around $4,000, were paid off by a "layaway angel" couple.

    (Published Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017)

    A toy store in Leominster, Massachusetts, has been touched by a "layaway angel" couple who paid off thousands of dollars' worth of items. 

    It was early Saturday afternoon when a couple walked into the Toys "R" Us store. They went directly to Matt Hudlin, the store manager, and asked where the layaway orders were. 

    "It was really just a heartwarming thing to see," said Hudlin. 

    The couple pointed out two aisles of brown boxes and said they would pay the remainder of their individual bills. They paid for 35 orders costing around $4,000. 

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    The store emailed each customer telling them the bill was paid. Some called back asking if the email was an error. It wasn't.

    According to Hudlin, some customers were in tears on the phone. 

    Stephanie Florio had one payment left when she walked into the store Tuesday night after work. 

    "They said that the 'layaway angel' paid off the last one," said Florio. "I was completely shocked." 

    Since October, Florio has been making monthly payments for Christmas toys for her 6-year-old daughter, Isabella. 

    "I just want to say, 'Thank you so much for doing this for me and my family,'" said Florio. 

    The couple from Saturday is asking to remain anonymous. Recognition isn't their reason for giving. 

    "Good to see that there are still people out there that do nice things and don't expect to get recognition for it," said Hugh Murphy of Gardner. "They do it for the sake of doing it." 

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