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Conn. Principal Accused in Choate Sexual Abuse Report



    Litchfield Principal Linked to Choate Abuse Report

    (Published Friday, April 14, 2017)

    Many of the accused teachers in the Choate Rosemary Hall sexual abuse report were able to get other teaching jobs after leaving the elite boarding school in Wallingford.

    The superintendent of Regional School District 6 in Litchfield posted a letter to the community on Friday saying that the district was recently notified that the Wamogo Regional High School principal the district hired last summer is one of the accused.

    According to the 50 page report, former students at Choate reported that Jaime Rivera-Murillo came onto a 15-year-old female student.

    Witnesses also reported seeing Rivera force himself on a 17-year-old student at a pool. That student told school administrators that he performed anal sex on her.

    Rivera's employment was terminated but the accusations were never reported to the state. According to the report, Rivera was later hired as an administrator at Newtown Public Schools. The report says he worked there for eight years.

    When Regional District 6 was notified of the investigation in March they said they confronted Rivera. He denied the allegations of sexual misconduct, and did not return to Wamogo. On April 6, he officially resigned, according to the district's website.

    "Region 6 was unaware that Mr. Rivera had ever worked at Choate Rosemary Hall School since his employment at the school was neither included on his job application nor revealed through subsequent follow-up on his work history prior to him being hired. The fact that any school would not report alleged sexual abuse to Department of Children and Families and law enforcement is alarming. Inaction by others has put Wamogo and Region 6 in an untenable situation, a situation that is unfair to our students, parents, and community," Litchfield's superintendent, Edward Drapp, said in a statement.

    Two former students who graduated before Rivera was hired said they were shocked.

    “It’s actually kind of terrifying. I wouldn’t have expected that. I feel like it should be some kind of background check that should have gone through for that. It should have been somewhere. They should know that," said Faith Healy of Harwinton.

    “I’m really surprised actually. I think it’s kind of ridiculous that they would hide something that and then hire someone who’s accused of something like that," said Megan Moore of Torrington.

    The district has been on spring break this week, and will return on Monday with counselors for the students.

    Rivera could not be reached for comment, but no charges have been filed.

    The Wallingford Police Department confirmed that it have received a copy of the report and is looking into whether charges can be filed in any of the cases or if the statute of limitations has expired.