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MBTA Suspends Rail Service Tuesday

All MBTA subway, trolley, and commuter rail service was suspended as of 7 p.m. Monday and will remain closed Tuesday due to the debilitating winter blast



    MBTA Suspends Rail Service Tuesday

    Frustrated MBTA riders who use the commuter rail rushed out of Boston Monday night before rail service was suspended to clean-up from the storm. (Published Monday, Feb. 9, 2015)

    All MBTA subway, trolley, and commuter rail service was suspended as of 7 p.m. Monday and will remain closed Tuesday due to the debilitating winter blast, the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority confirms.

    Crews will work to clear snow and ice from tracks, the third rail, and switches while service is down. In addition, mechanical forces will assess the damage done to subway cars, trolleys, locomotives, and passenger coaches, according to the MBTA.

    Commuters can check the status of schedules on the MBTA website.

    Keolis cancelled all inbound commuter rail trains ealier Monday. Outbound trains continued to run on a case-by-case basis. 

    "I'm deciding if I should turn around and stay at the office or, I don't know I haven't figured that out yet because I'm expected to drive in. I'm expected be back (at work)," said Mike Keenan, heading to Manchester-by-the-Sea.

    "We were having dinner and we didn't realize the trains were going to stop at 7, so we were like her ahhhhh, and had to take all our food to go," explained Charlsy Panzino on her way to Wilmington.

    Limited bus service will continue until the end of regular service hours Monday, but the MBTA is advising customers that connections to subway and commuter rail lines will not be available. Limited bus service will also be available Tuesday.

    At a press conference Monday afternoon, Mayor Marty Walsh said the past 30 days have been the snowiest in Boston's history.

    Most riders NECN spoke with are putting their consternation on hold on account of an unprecedented blast of winter.

    "Frustrating because this is the third storm that's happened, so I've actually been stuck at work at a hotel the last two storms. I figured I'd try to rush home and it's not working out so well," said Jillian Hinchey trying to take the red line to Somerville.

    "A lot of trains are canceled. I wanted to get back home a little bit earlier, but I couldn't. But again that's not the worst thing in the world," said Keith McGowan, taking the commuter rail to Norfolk.

    "Got here at 5 p.m., waiting for my train to Lowell. Long day," said Andre Cameron, boarding a train at 8 p.m.

    Earlier Monday, nearly 50 commuters were stranded for over two hours when a Red Line train became diasbled between stations.

    Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker has called the weather-related trouble with MBTA service "unacceptable." He declared a state of emergency at a press conference Monday night.

    Baker said officials in his administration spent time over the weekend talking to MBTA officials about if they could at least run a scaled-back service during this latest round of snow.

    "Once it stops snow, we plan to have a long conversation with the folks at the T about improving performance," Baker said.

    On Facebook, some of necn's fans said they understood why the precautions will be taken.

    "Safety-wise, I get it. But it's sad that in 2015 we have to deal with this," Tara Domina said.

    Facebook fan Steven Slee Lee said there should have been a travel ban on Monday.

    "Can we please stop pretending like there is no snow and take care of this?" he asked.

    "This will be the new nromal as a warmer Atlantic meets the wobbly jet stream," necn Facebook fan Kathryn Rifkin said.

    "Too much snow for the oldest system. Also they use [sic] to have plow trains that ran all night long to clear the tracks," Nancy E. Finn said on necn's Facebook page.

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