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4 Cases of MRSA Reported at Massachusetts High School

Westford Academy school officials say school will be closed to clean



    Massachusetts School Closed After 4 Reported MRSA Cases

    Four confirmed cases of MRSA at one Massachusetts high school has forced it to temporarily close. (Published Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2016)

    Four students at Westford Academy, in Westford, Massachusetts, have been diagnosed with the staph infection MRSA.

    Extra custodial staff will be brought in on Tuesday so that the school building can undergo extensive cleaning.

    The high school, which is part of the Westford School District, will be scrubbed, starting with the locker rooms, gyms, and wrestling mats.

    All surfaces will be disinfected according to the superintendent.

    Students are being told if they’re taking towels to and from school to make sure they’re thoroughly washed, along with their gym clothes and uniforms.

    If a student has open wounds, they won’t be allowed in the building unless the wounds are appropriately bandaged.

    School officials say they don’t know if the bacteria originated from one of Westford’s students or another athlete who came in from another school.

    Officials with the Westford Health Department told necn they believe this is isolated to Westford Academy.

    MRSA can be a difficult bacteria to treat because it’s resistant to some antibiotics.

    The infection is typically mild, but it can spread easily in crowded places like hospitals or people in close contact with each other, such as athletes on teams.

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