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Maine's First Snow Shovel Supplier Opens for Business

Mt. Waldo Plastics is hoping for steady growth



    Maine's First Snow Shovel Supplier Opens for Business

    (Published Friday, Sept. 26, 2014)

    It's going to feel like summer this weekend, but there's a new company in Maine that's thinking more about winter because Mt. Waldo Plastics needs a lot of snow for it's product to be a success.  

    You might be surprised to learn that in Maine, where the snow shovel is an essential part of the winter tool kit, that no one actually makes snow shovels, until now.

    Mike Thibodeau, owner of Mt. Waldo Plastics was thinking about a business and says, "I thought gee wiz someone in the Northeast should be doing this and yet found nobody so we are excited about that."

    Thibodeau has spent a year getting the company up and running and the first Mt. Waldo Snow Fighter shovels came off the line last week.

    Thibodeau says most shovels people in New England buy are made in the Mid-west or Canada. These
    shovels are made in the small Maine town of Frankfort.

    They retail for $15.99 and the company is confident Made in Maine will help them sell.

    "Every person who touches it has to know it was made in our state we think that's important and folks will support that," according to Thibodeau.

    Early orders are going to local hardware stores, but Thibodeau knows he'll need to sell a lot more shovels to add employees to the payroll.

    He hopes the company will experience steady growth. One thing he won't have to worry about is demand, the only Mainers who don't need shovels are the ones who fly south for the winter. 

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