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Cops: Man Tries to Sneak Marijuana Into Court



    Cops: Man Tries to Sneak Marijuana Into Court
    State Police

    State police arrested a man who had nearly two dozen bags of marijuana on him when he was going through security at Stamford Superior Court, state police said.

    Joseph A. Carey, 25, of Norwalk, tried to walk through the metal detector with 23 bags of marijuana when he was going through security at the entrance to the 123 Hoyt Street court, police said.

    A court marshal told state police in a statement that he observed Carey was "very nervous" and "sweating" and that he wasn't listening to instructions, state police said. The marshal noticed an "abnormal bulge in the front of Carey's pants and asked Carey to remove everything from his pockets," state police said.

    Carey told the marshal he had an air freshener in his pants that was causing the bulge, state police said. He unzipped his pants and the marshal took out a clear plastic container that had 23 clear plastic bags of a green, leafy, plant-like substance, according to state police. The marshal told state police that the substance looked and smelled like marijuana.

    The marshal then took Carey to the lock-up area and seized the marijuana, state police said.

    A state trooper was bringing paperwork to the prosecutor's office at the court when a police lieutenant relayed what had just happened. The state trooper went to the lock-up area and took the seized marijuana and got a statement from the court marshal.

    Then state police arrested Carey and took him to Troop G for booking, also bringing the seized marijuana to the barracks as evidence, state police said.

    State police charged Carey with possession of 25.2 grams of marijuana, which is just under an ounce and possession with intent to sell.

    Carey was released and taken to the Bridgeport Correctional Center on a $5,000 cash bond.

    He is scheduled to appear in Stamford Superior Court on Oct. 22.

    It's unclear what Carey was originally doing at the court.