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Man on Trial for Murdering Married Lover

Jurors are deliberating in the trial against 21-year-old Anthony Pratt Jr., charged with shooting his married lover, 29-year-old Margarita Fisenko Scott, to death and leaving her body in a vehicle in a Maine parking lot.



    Man on Trial for Murdering Married Lover
    Yoon S. Byun/WCSH6
    PORTLAND, ME – SEPTEMBER 24: Anthony Pratt Jr. appeared for a final motions hearing before his trial, with attorneys Peter Cyr, left, and Dylan Boyd, far right, at the Cumberland County Courthouse on Wednesday, September 24, 2014. He is accused of murdering Margarita Fisenko Scott, whose body was found in an SUV in a hotel parking lot in Portland in 2013.

    Jurors are continuing to deliberate Thursday in the murder trial of a man accused of shooting his married lover to death and leaving her body in her SUV in Portland, Maine.

    Twenty-one-year-old Anthony Pratt Jr. of New York is accused of murdering Margarita Fisenko Scott in 2012. Her husband, Cary Scott, said that he thought for months she had run off with Pratt until he found her body outside the Motel 6 on Riverside Street.

    According to the Portland Press Herald, DNA from Pratt was not found on the murder weapon, but DNA from two other people, Christopher and Tunile Jennings, was.

    Also, according to the Herald, evidence shows that Christopher Jennings was the last person to have sex with the victim.

    Pratt's defense attorney said the alibis for the Jennings' were not fully investigated and that they should be considered suspects.

    The Press Herald reports that the judge handed the case to the jury at 2 p.m. Wednesday. Deliberation took place for two and a half hours before jurors were sent home.

    Pratt was arrested in 2013 and has been held without bail since then. He has pleaded not guilty to the murder.

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