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Man's Dog Shot in Dorchester, Mass. Rushed to Animal Hospital by Police

Fellony is expected to survive



    Shot Dog Rushed to Animal Hospital by Police

    Boston Police rushed a dog to the hospital after it was shot. (Published Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016)

    David Langteine has a special bond with dogs. In 2012, his dog Lilly was credited with saving Langteine's mom's life after she passed out on some train tracks.

    "I remember when I was going through a very tough time and my dog's injuries,' Langteine said Thursday.

    Langteine is a Boston police officer, and early Thursday he responded to a Dorchester street after a woman and another man's dog were shot.

    The 18-year-old woman was rushed to the hospital. She is expected to be okay.

    At the scene, Langteine heard about the wounded dog. Not knowing how far animal control was from the scene, Langteine helped the dog's owner load the dog into the back of a police car and rushed it to an animal hospital.

    One problem, Fellony's owner couldn't afford the medical bill.

    "We all agreed to split the cost and put down a credit card to get him the medical attention that he needed," Langteine said.

    The three Boston Police officers agreed to pay Fellony's bill.

    "It is just a natural human response to somebody in need with their family and dogs are family," Langteine said.

    Fellony is expected to survive but isn't out of the woods yet. Langteine and his fellow officers are raising money on Facebook.

    You can get more information here:

    "The way I look at it, that dog put itself in front of its owner and took a bullet for him," Langteine said.

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