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Mass. Police Warn of Marijuana Laced Candy When Teens are Hospitalized

Authorities say packaging the edible marijuana came in was very vague



    Marijuana Laced Candy Sends Teens to Hospital

    Two teenagers in Hingham, Massachusetts, were hospitalized after police say they ingested marijuana laced candy. (Published Wednesday, July 27, 2016)

    Police in Hingham, Massachusetts are warning people about the dangers of edible marijuana after two teenagers went to the hospital when they ingested marijuana laced candy.

    Hingham Police Sgt. Steven Dearth said the teens called 911 last Thursday after ingesting the edible marijuana and reported having a bad reaction.

    "These teenagers did the right thing by calling for help," said Dearth. "Under the good Samaritan law, if you call in good faith for help from someone suffering from the effects of drugs or a possible overdose, anyone there as well as the person suffering from the effects is immune from prosecution for any drugs that are found."

    Dearth told necn that the teenagers were treated and released but he wants parents to know that the drug laced candy exists and comes in many gummy forms.

    "You want to also have a discussion," said Dearth.

    The packaging the edible marijuana came in was also very vague. There were no listed ingredients or warnings, police said.

    "It's a problem both that they aren't labeling it properly, but also that the kids had easy access to it," said one man.

    "If somebody had it and it was accessible to a younger child, and they ate it like it was regular candy, that could potentially be harmful," said Brittany Reid of Hingham.

    The edible marijuana is sold at medical dispensaries but the teenagers who ate it allegedly admitted to police that they did not have a prescription and got it through a second hand source. Because they were seeking help, they will not face charges.

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