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Massachusetts Gun Rights Group Criticized for ‘Threatening' Email

The email included statements that one lawmaker is calling “dangerous rhetoric” that could incite violence



    Clear the Air

    A gun rights political action group in Massachusetts is drawing criticism from a local lawmaker for the inflammatory language used in an email to their membership.

    MAssachusetts Gun Rights (MAGR), group opposing the "radical anti-gun agenda in Massachusetts," sent an email over the weekend entitled "Massachusetts is a target rich environment!" to advertise a political leadership school being hosted in May.

    The email included statements that Representative David P. Linsky (D-Natick) called "dangerous rhetoric" that could incite violence.

    The following are some of the statements highlighted by Linksy in a press release warning about the language used in the email:

    "Here in Massachusetts the political class wants you to think we’re down and out, but really, we have a target rich environment of bad politicians to focus our fire on. We just need proper training to select the right political target. We also need to arm ourselves with the best tactics and tools to win."

    "Establishment politicians constantly inflict pain on us. But do you know how to inflict political pain on them? Many of them certainly deserve punishment for their misbehavior. Don’t be a victim anymore. Learn to become a punisher of anti-liberty politicians."

    Linksy said that the language is troubling and called for the National Rifle Association, the Gun Owner’s Action League and other lawmakers to denounce the tactics used my MAGR.

    "In America, we settle our political differences at the ballot box, not with guns. This type of rhetoric has no place in a civilized society," said Linsky. "It is alright to respectfully disagree with other’s opinions. It is not alright to threaten to kill someone with whom one disagrees. This email contains thinly-veiled threats, which are disgusting, and which have no place in Massachusetts or any other state in this country."

    MAGR has not responded for a request to comment.