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Natick BB Gun Shootings Cause Thousands of Dollars in Damage



    BB Gun Vandals Cause Thousands of Dollars in Damage

    Police are searching for the people who are believed to have shot out windows with BB guns.

    (Published Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018)

    A string of BB gun shootings have caused extensive damage in Natick, Massachusetts.

    Steve Stout couldn't believe it when he first the popping sound on Saturday night.

    "Watching the British baking show, pop, pop, pop," Stout said. "By the third one, I recognized bullets, and I shouted to get down."

    Stout's windows were hit several times with BBs Saturday night, and he isn't alone. Incidents have occurred on Mercer, Porter, Pelham, Nolan and Burning Tree Road.

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    "I've been vigilant ever since, but not going to stay up all night with a shotgun sitting on your front steps," he said.

    Kathy Leombruno was driving home Sunday when she came to face with one of the men, armed on a bike.

    "He must have had the pistol in his hand, and he just turned it to my car and shot it three times," she said.

    Leombruno's SUV was not hit, and she says she instinctively chased after the three.

    "I was thinking I wanted to kill them, and I'm thinking I don't know what was in his pistol," she added.

    On Tuesday, Natick Police released surveillance video showing three men riding bikes. Neighbors say police chased them this weekend, leading two of them to ditch their bikes.

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    "Throw eggs at a home if you wanted to go out and cause a little mayhem, maybe throw the paper in somebody's bushes, but the fact people are riding around shooting at you, something wrong, something wrong with the world," Stout said.

    Police ask anyone who can help identify the suspects to contact them at 508-647-9520 or online at

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