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This Is the Minimum Salary You Need to Have a 1-Bedroom Apartment in Boston



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    Want to live in Boston without a roommate? Depending on your salary, that could just be a fantasy.

    Renting a one-bedroom Boston apartment that came furnished would require someone to earn about $78,480 a year, or $6,540 a month, according to a new survey by Nestpick, which determined that someone would spend about 29 percent of their income on rent based on a UK housing study.

    A one-bedroom apartment that's not furnished isn't cheap, either. Nestpick determined it a renter spending 29 percent of his or her salary would need a minimum salary of $59,304 a year, or $4,942 a month, for digs.

    The study determined the average rent for a furnished one-bedroom apartment in Boston is $1,897 and the average rent for an unfurnished one-bedroom apartment is $1,433.

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    The median salary for Americans is $44,148 a year, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics; in Boston, the median salary comes out to $48,672 per year.

    The report placed Boston as one of most expensive in the world, falling just behind San Francisco, New York and London, respectively.

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