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Police Investigate Distraction Burglary



    Police Investigate Distraction Burglary

    Norwalk police are investigating a distraction burglary that happened on Saturday.

    An elderly individual told police that someone claiming to be a water company employee came up to him outside of his Norwalk home and said he needed to check on a complaint about a water leak in the basement, police said.

    The suspect called an accomplice on his cell phone and told the elderly resident he needed to go inside the house to investigate, police said. So, the victim brought the man inside the home and he ran water and flushed the toilet, covering up the sound of the accomplice entering the basement, according to police.

    The accomplice broke into a chest that was locked and stole the contents, police said. Investigators did not say what was in the chest.

    Police describe the water company impersonator as a man in his early 30s with a thin build who, who is about 6 feet tall and has dark hair and stubble on his face. He also had an ID around his neck.

    Norwalk police ask anyone with information on the incident or who has been victimized to call detectives at 203-854-3011.

    Police remind residents not to let strangers into your home, especially ones you haven't arranged an appointment with, particularly during the holidays. In a situation like this, make sure to ask the person for identification and call the respective company to verify it. Residents are also advised to contact police with any further concerns.