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Out-of-Control Tractor Trailer Careens Into Vt. Home



    Tractor Trailer Crashes Into Vermont House

    An out-of-control tractor trailer crashed into a house in Ludlow, Vermont.

    (Published Tuesday, July 31, 2018)

    Two people needed treatment for minor injuries Tuesday afternoon after a house in Vermont's Windsor County was hit by an out-of-control tractor trailer.

    The chief of police in Ludlow said five people were home at the property on Route 100 when a truck carrying wood pallets crashed into the house.

    Investigators said the driver told them he lost his brakes a mile up the road, which is a hill. As he came around the corner, he careened into the home.

    Police said the truck driver and one child in the house were taken to the hospital with cuts and scrapes, which were described as minor.

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    "It's a steep hill and you know, you've got to have good brakes coming down," Chief Jeffrey Billings told necn affiliate NBC 5 News. "And unfortunately, if you lose any of them, you're not stopping."

    The police chief said this was the third time the same property has been struck by a vehicle in the last decade or so.

    That portion of Route 100 was closed for several hours as crews dealt with the mess.

    NBC 5 News contributed to this report.

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