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2 Dead After Plane Crash in East Windsor



    Hear from Man Who Knew East Windsor Plane Crash Victims

    (Published Wednesday, April 19, 2017)

    Two pilots were killed shortly after taking off from Skylark Airpark on Tuesday night and crashing nearby. 

    The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) were the scene Wednesday to investigate what caused the crash in East Windsor.

    "The indication now is the airplane struck trees about 100 feet up and then came to rest straight down," NTSB senior air safety investigator, Ralph Hicks, said. 

    The single-engine Luscombe 8A crashed on Rolocut Road, by Wells Road, around 6:30 p.m. about half an hour after taking off. Both of the people in the plane were pronounced dead at the scene, according to officials.

    NTSB, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and local authorities are working to remove the plane from the woods, but the impact of the crash is causing issues. 

    "The aircraft is partially embedded into the ground, the engine is below ground and we see one propeller blade out of the ground and we're unable to move it right now," Hicks said.

    Officials have not identified the people who died in the crash, but one of the pilot's family members identified him as Robert Plourde.

    "Bob was a loving husband and a tremendous father who had an affinity for flying," a statement from Plourde's family said. "Our family is incredibly appreciative of the overwhelming support and outpouring of love from the community during this difficult time."

    The second pilot killed in the crash was Vernon resident, George Richard Janssen II.

    The manager of Skylark Airpark, a small private airport at 54 Wells Road, said the plane had just taken off before the crash and witnesses said they heard the plane’s engine shut down before the crash.

    During a news conference on Tuesday night, officials said it appeared the plane had stalled and there was no indication of smoke or a fuel leak.

    A friend of one of the pilots in the fatal crash said he is devastated.

    "Something happened. It stalled or whatever," Dan Frederick said. "Then took a left turn and went down."

    Frederick said the one of the pilots had his license for "at least" 15 years. 

    "It's devastating," Frederick said. "I knew these people personally."

    Authorities said they were able to identify the owner of the plane because it was mostly in tact with its nose down and tail up, however, the information has not been made public. 

    The crash happened near some houses, but no one else was injured and no homes were damaged.

    FAA officials responded to the scene and officials said the NTSB would be in charge of the investigation Wednesday.

    The initial investigation is expected to take two days, but it could be months before authorities have an official cause of the crash.