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Police Clock Mercedes-Benz Going 136 MPH

25-year-old David Jordan of Manchester, NH is charged with reckless operation, disobeying an officer in Nashua



    Police Clock Mercedes-Benz Going 136 MPH

    Police in New Hampshire arrested a 25-year-old man they say was driving his red Mercedes-Benz sedan 136 miles per hour while fleeing from a trooper who tried to stop him in Nashua.

    David Jordan of Manchester is charged with reckless operation and driving to endanger after state police say he passed a cruiser on the F. E. Everett turnpike at an extremely high speed.

    According to police, Jordan made multiple lane changes while "crossing the width of the turnpike." When the trooper tried to stop him, Jordan changed lanes, passed cars and sped up, police say.

    Jordan is scheduled to be arraigned in Nashua on Nov. 5.

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