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Police Investigate Reports of Suspicious Man



    Police Investigate Reports of Suspicious Man

    Police believe they have located a vehicle connected to an investigation that stems from reports from children of a suspicious person lurking near a Wethersfield school and church who started to follow one student in early May, police said.

    A bald man in a yellow shirt who drove a black car may have followed a Webb School student along Willow Street on May 7, children told police.

    Police also received another report that a man of a similar description without a vehicle was standing just outside a wooded area by the Wethersfield United Methodist Church and Mill Woods park on May 8. Children reported that he was acting suspiciously, but police said the man didn't say or do anything that "would clearly indicate his intentions one way or the other."

    While police said they believe they found the black car described by the students, the driver doesn't "closely match the description of the suspicious person" and the driver had a legitimate reason to be in that area, police said. There is no information at this time that the driver of the car in question was "involved in any nefarious activity," police said.

    Police are investigating whether someone else may have been driving the car, however said that is unlikely.

    Police and school board security continue to investigate the reported suspicious incidents.