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Police Investigate Vandalism at Church



    Police Investigate Vandalism at Church
    Edward Peruta
    Police are investigating vandalism at a Torrington church.

    Police have arrested a man accused of vandalizing a Torrington church.

    Shumel Pollen, 33, of Rockway, New Jersey, is facing multiple charges including desecration of property.

    Police said they received the report of vandalism around 1130 a.m. because whoever was responsible also pulled the fire alarm at St. Francis Church, a Roman Catholic church located at 160 Main Street.

    Pollen is suspected in acts of extensive vandalism, including statues knocked down and plants smashed, according to police.

    Police said the vandalism has been ongoing at St Francis Church, but they could not provide information on the extent of the vandalism.

    Pollen was charged with desecration of property, breach of peace and first-degree criminal mischief.

    Police ask anyone with any further information to call Torrington police at 860-489-2000.