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Multi-Family Home Struck With Bullets

Gunshots Narrowly Missing Sleeping Woman in Bristol

A Bristol home was riddled with bullets on Monday night and police are investigating what happened. (Published Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016)

Gunshots fired into a Bristol home just missed a woman who was in bed when a bullet hit her pillow. 

Bristol police responded to a multi-family home Conlon Street at 9:49 p.m. on Monday after receiving a complaint of gunshots fired and found that bullets had done through the walls. 

No one was injured, but resident are unsettled about what happened, especially those who live in the home that was struck.

Javan Delvalle said a bullet went into his mother's bedroom.

"I saw the wall and there were four bullets in her wall. A bullet hit her pillow, so I just pulled her on the floor and called 911," he said.

As parents walked their children to the bus stop on Tuesday morning, they found three more bullet casings. 

Bristol police patrol and criminal investigations officers are investigating. 

Anyone with information should call the department at 860-584-3011.