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Police Investigating Armed Robbery at McDonald's in Concord, New Hampshire



    Shirtless, Armed Man Robs McDonald's

    Police are asking for the public's help in identifying the suspect involved in an armed robbery at a McDonald's in Concord, New Hampshire. (Published Friday, Oct. 23, 2015)

    After a brazen and bizarre robbery in Concord, New Hampshire Friday, police are asking the public to help them catch the half-naked robber.

    The surveillance video is alarming and confusing. It shows a half-naked masked man with a large weapon walking into the McDonald's on Fisherville Road in Concord.

    "It's horrifying," said McDonald's employee Candy Tashro as she watched the video. "You don't know if he is going to shoot someone or jump over the counter, you don't know, oh my gosh."

    Tashro wasn't working, but her niece was.

    "She is a wreck right now," Tashro said. "She was scared but handled it very well."

    SURVEILLANCE FOOTAGE: Shirtless, Armed Man Robs McDonald'sSURVEILLANCE FOOTAGE: Shirtless, Armed Man Robs McDonald's

    Police in Concord, New Hampshire, are investigating after a shirtless, armed man robbed a McDonald's.
    (Published Friday, Oct. 23, 2015)

    Police say the restaurant was still open for business when the rifle-carrying suspect burst through the doors at 12:45 Friday morning and threatened to shoot.

    "The exact quote we have is, 'Gimme the money or I will kill you,'" explained Concord Police Lt. Tomothy O'Malley.

    Police say the employees did the right thing by handing over the drawer of cash. That's when the suspect took off.

    "Given the number of people in there and the scenario, this could've been a lot different, this could have been a lot worse," Lt. O'Malley said.

    "We are just glad nothing bad, bad, bad happened, like nobody got hurt," Tashro said.

    While the man's topless MO might give some people a chuckle, police say there's really nothing to laugh about.

    "Regardless whether it was contrived or a random act, the person who did this is obviously capable of doing this again," said Lt. O'Malley.

    A brazen and bizarre crime that police are working to solve before the suspect strikes again.

    "It's scary people are desperate these days," Tashro said.

    Shirtless, Armed Man Robs N.H. McDonald's Shirtless, Armed Man Robs N.H. McDonald's

    Another witness believes that the man ran to an older model, dark-colored vehicle, possibly a green Ford Taurus. 

    The suspect is described as a man who is 5'8"-5'9" and 190-120 pounds in his mid-30s to mid-40s. He was wearing tan shorts, no shirt, a dark-colored cloth or mask over his face and had dark footwear, possibly slip-on water shoes. The suspect has brown eyes. 

    McDonald's has released the following statement: "The safety of our crew and patrons is our paramount priority, and we are cooperating with local authorities as the investigation remains open. We encourage anyone with information to contact the Concord Police Department." 

    If you have any information regarding the person(s) responsible, please contact the Concord Regional Crimeline at (603) 226-3100.

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