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Police Investigating Arson at Church



    Police Investigating Arson at Church

    Arson investigators are looking into a suspicious fire at a New Haven church on Tuesday night.

    Police and firefighters responded to Christ Church, at 84 Broadway, at 5 p.m. Tuesday after receiving a report that someone had set fire to the altar.

    When firefighters extinguished the flames, they found minimal damage but determined that it was deliberately set.

    Police also said a “very heavy” crucifix had been removed from the top of the tabernacle and placed on the altar. Around it, lit candles were arranged, which caused the damage as fire spread across the altar.

    Church officials told police the crucifix was rarely moved, only at specific times and for specific reasons, and no one there had moved it.

    Detectives found what they called “possible symbols” drawn in the sand at the base of a large prayer candle rack, but have not identified any witnesses to what happened.

    The New Haven Police Department is asking anyone with information about the crime to call Detective Sergeant Elisa Tuozzoli at 203-946-6137.

    Police are also asking church officials to be watchful.