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Police Looking for Hit-and-Run Car

The driver of the car dragged a victim under the car before fleeing the scene,



    Police Looking for Hit-and-Run Car
    New Haven Police Department

    The New Haven, Connecticut Police Department is attempting to locate the vehicle on the charge Felony Evading for an accident on December 1.

    The vehicle is believed to be a silver Audi A4, likely a 2002-2004, with heavily tinted windows, a moon roof, and after-market alloy wheels.

    There is currently no description of the driver or the front seat passenger.

    The victim of the accident was dragged underneath the vehicle and there may be clothing fragments, blood, or skin fragments on the undercarriage.

    The police reported that the victim suffered serious injuries but is in stable condition.

    The accident occurred on Davenport Avenue and the suspects fled north on Elliot Street.

    Anyone with information about the vehicle is asked to contact Officer Robert DuPont at 203-247-7262 or Sergeant Rose Dell at 203-506-4369.

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