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Police Remove Dozens of Animals From Animal Shelter



    Police Remove Dozens of Animals From Animal Shelter

    After receiving complaints about the AlmostHome animal rescue and shelter in Plainville, police investigated. This morning, they executed a search and seizure warrant.

    Plainville authorities removed 20 dogs, 23 cats, a rabbit and a hamster, with help from Farmington animal control because so many animals had to be moved out.

    "Our mission here today," said Plainville Police Lt. Eric Peterson, "was just to get all the animals out of here and get them to a veterinarian."

    He called conditions inside "unsuitable" for so many animals, even if they were just here temporarily. The owner of the operation, Meda Talley, refused to comment, but her many helpers said the closing is uncalled for.

    Lori Romano, AlmostHome Vice President, said, "We have many volunteers who come down here and bust their butt for these animals because we love them."

    Volunteers say before authorities made their move, four of the seized animals had been placed for adoption, like so many since AlmostHome opened earlier in the year.

    "Some of these animals needed medications," said volunteer Donna Oakes. "They got it! She took them to the vet. She took them to the groomer's."

    Amy Lynn Gentile, of the nearby Amy's Pampered Pawlor, said, "My heart breaks and I just hope people can help us to rebuild this."

    Police stressed there are no criminal charges, though the investigation continues. Their goal is what AlmostHome's goal was, to get the animals into caring homes.