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Truck Crash Prompts Barricaded Person Situation

Barricaded Person Situation in Windsor

(Published Friday, May 27, 2016)

A car crash was the start to what became a barricaded person situation in Windsor on Friday night, police said. 

Windsor Police and Hartford Police responded to the scene on Windsor Avenue near PriceRite. 

Police said responding officers and witnesses saw a man crash his truck near the intersection of Deerfield Road and Putnam Highway then jump a fence into a culvert underneath the road. 

When one of the responding officers saw the man coming out of the tunnel, the man told the officer to not come in because he had a gun, according to Chief Donald Melanson with Windsor Police said. An emergency response team was called to the scene. 

"Hence the big response," Melanson said. "We didn't want (our officer or the man) to get hurt."

Police are not releasing the man's identity. They said they are looking into what caused the accident, including emotional issues. 

Melanson said police did not find a gun but they are still looking.