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Police Seek Suspects in String of Car Burglaries



    Police Seek Suspects in String of Car Burglaries

    Burglars cruised through a neighborhood in the west end of Hartford and rifled through cars early Monday morning, residents say.

    Now police and the neighborhood are on the lookout for the thieves caught on camera.

    Kristina Newman-Scott showed NBC Connecticut video she says captured the moment two thieves ran off with her valuables.

    The video shows two people peering into her neighbor's cars, her Apple laptop and case with one person, a bag of important documents in the hand of another.

    "I never ever leave any valuables in my car honestly. If you find a dollar in my car you're lucky, that's how good I am," she said.

    But on Sunday night, she was so exhausted, she decided just this once to leave her laptop and bag in the car and left the door unlocked. On Monday morning, she realized her mistake.

    "I felt really angry, I felt hurt," Newman-Scott said.

    She immediately called police and began seawrching for surveillance video of the thieves. She posted it all on Facebook, hoping someone would recognize the two. The response on Facebook was that others noticed someone had rummaged through their cars too.

    "I'm sure I'm not the first victim and I won't be the last, so I hope they catch them," Newman-Scott said.

    She said she feels violated by the crime, but said it's the irreplaceable memories inside the laptop that's left her heartbroken.

    "I have video of my grandmother who passed many years ago that I don't think I'll find. That's gone," Newman-Scott said. "Those memories, those photographs, just like that, gone."

    While she said she's learned her lesson, her fingers are crossed these memories aren't gone forever.

    "My hope is that they give me my stuff back in an ideal scenario, they'll be back on my doorstep," Newman-Scott said.