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Conn. Gov. Malloy Proposes 2 Gun Control Bills



    Conn. Gov. Malloy Proposes 2 Gun Control Bills
    NBC 7

    Gov. Malloy has proposed two bills that would prohibit anyone subjected to a temporary restraining order from possessing a firearm and anyone drinking from carrying one.

     "This is just commonsense...We should be able to agree that a person with a temporary restraining order should not have a deadly weapon. We are either for protecting victims of domestic violence, or against it," Malloy said.  "We should also be able to agree that if you are too drunk to drive, then you’re too drunk to carry a gun. Firearms and alcohol don’t mix."

    Because of the current state law, a hearing in front of a judge to prohibit firearm possession comes weeks after a restraining order is issued. The new bill would make a person temporarily ineligible to possess a firearm after the restraining order is filed, the governor's office said. 

    "The period of time immediately following a domestic violence victim’s application for a restraining order is one of the most volatile, and access to a firearm presents an additional threat," the governor's announcement said.

    The second introduced bill will reduce the legal blood alcohol limit for carrying a firearm or hunting from 0.1 percent to 0.08 percent-- the same as driving or boating.