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Red-Tailed Hawk Won't Leave Stop & Shop

Hawk Sits High Inside Supermarket

Falconers fail to get it out but will try again (Published Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016)

There's not much room for a bird as big as a Cooper's hawk in the rafters of the Stop & Shop in East Hampton, but since Sunday, that's where a hawk had been spending its time. 

"When I saw it this morning it was back by the frozen foods in the back there and it's just sitting up there still," Shaun McGarty, a East Hampton resident, said. 

McGarty figured the bird had followed smaller birds in through the loading dock of the store on High Street. According to DEEP, the hawk is perched about 30 feet high. 

The doors opened all day to welcome shoppers despite the bird inside. One sign advertising "Great Food" may have been the draw for the hawk. But "Low Prices" weren't the lure.

The hawk never pays retail.

"I just hope they get it out, and it's safe, and it doesn't get hurt before they get it out, that's all," said McGarty.

The team couldn't get it out Monday night but environmental conservation police are bringing the falconers back tonight. DEEP said attempts were made to coax the bird to fly out open doors.

On Tuesday night, two falconers finally removed the juvenile male hawk.