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Hog Wild Morning After Pig Gets Loose

Roaming Pig Reunited With Owner

Moto, a pet pig, is back home after a wild morning in Wethersfield. (Published Friday, Aug. 28, 2015)

Moto, a pet pig, is back home after a wild morning in Wethersfield.

Peter Schuster, of Wethersfield, had quite the surprise when he heard his neighbor's son calling for him, looked outside and found a pig dining on weeds in his yard.

"We have turkeys around here, but definitely not pigs," he said.

So, he called police and helped round up the pig, since identified as Moto.

After getting the call, local police reached out to Newington Animal Control and they were sure the 50-pound pig is a pet.

Brianna Patton was at work when Moto got loose. It was almost 11 a.m. when she got her grandfather's message that Moto was missing, so she raced home.

Fortunately, she soon received word that animal control had Moto, so she went to animal control to get her pet.

This was the second time Moto had escaped this week and Patton put up a fence, but that did not keep Moto from getting loose.

"I don't know how she got over there. I am assuming there was a hole in the fence," Patton said.

ow that she is reunited with Moto, Patton is relieved, and she plans to inspect the fence.

"She's an awesome pet. She's very smart," Patton said.

Moto goes for walks with Brianna, does tricks and even goes to motorcross tracks with her. 

Patton said her love for motorcross actually inspired the pig's name.

"I actually just bought a street-legal bike. ... and I've been trying to figure out something or someway to get her to go on the bike with me," Patton said. "We've been trying to come up with a backpack or something. .. .I know a lot of people bring their dogs, so I've gotta bring my pig."