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Santa Squirrel Saved for the Holidays

A squirrel undergoes surgery to have a bone removed from its neck



    A squirrel with a bone stuck around its neck had it surgically removed and is now romping freely in the wood. (Published Thursday, Dec. 15, 2016)

    A squirrel underwent successful surgery in time to be free in the woods for the holidays. 

    A squirrel had been visiting the backyard of a Hanover, Massachusetts family for several weeks and they named it "Santa Squirrel," due to what appeared to be a beard-like circle of hair. 

    It turns out the circle of hair was actually a hollow bone stuck around the squirrel's neck. 

    The family humanely captured the squirrel and took it to the vet where the bone was removed.

    Now the squirrel is back in the woods, presumably ready to enjoy the holidays.