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Scarborough High School Students Protest Resignation of Principal



    Maine School Community Rallies for Principal

    The first day back from February vacation got off to a contentious start in Scarborough, Maine, as students and their parents protested on behalf of their embattled principal, David Creech.

    (Published Monday, Feb. 26, 2018)

    Hundreds of students and parents turned out to rally Monday morning in Scarborough, Maine, to protest the resignation of the high school principal.

    The rally for Scarborough High School Principal David Creech started outside the town hall and made its way to the school where participants asked Creech to reconsider his Feb. 16 resignation.

    According to Creech's attorney, William Michaud, the superintendent told him to either resign or be terminated because he wasn't a good fit for the district. The comment happened hours after a contentious school board meeting where at representative for the teachers' union said they did not support a change to school start times.

    "[Creech] represented their feelings as principal of the school," Michaud said. "It is interesting that it comes on the heels of some major push back from the community on start times."

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    "I was honestly shocked because he loves it here and we all love him being here," said student Sophie Glidden. "So when I heard that, it kind of tore us apart."

    Creech, who greeted supporters outside the high school with high fives, said he is overwhelmed by the support.

    "My family and I — I don't have the words to say how much we appreciate the support," Creech said.

    Creech's resignation won't take effect until the end of the school year.

    Michaud said Creech has submitted a new letter to the superintendent, rescinding his resignation.

    "He’s an excellent principal and he is going to continue to stay in his job," Michaud said.

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    Superintendent Julie Kukenberger submitted a statement about the protest Monday afternoon:

    "The Scarborough School Department has recently been navigating a number of difficult and important issues. This morning students, faculty, and members of the Scarborough community staged a demonstration aimed at one of those issues. Demonstrations of this kind are a cornerstone of democracy and those who participated this morning should be commended for their respectful activism. I strongly believe that every decision the Scarborough School Department makes is better for input from our community of learners, staff, and families. I am grateful to those who take the time to make their opinions known. I hope that everyone, including those with the most strongly held views, will understand that there are many facets to every issue and the Scarborough School Board and I are committed to understanding all of the relevant facts – some known to the community and some not – before making decisions we feel are in the best interest of our students and the school system."

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