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School Faculty Favors New Optional Pledge Proposal

Student proposal involves South Portland High School in Maine



    School Faculty Favors New Optional Pledge Proposal
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    Faculty members at a Maine high school say they agree with a student proposal that makes clear participation in the Pledge of Allegiance is optional under the law.

    South Portland High School officials say on Wednesday that faculty overwhelmingly approved a formal procedure for saying the pledge.

    The Portland Press Herald reports senior class president Lily SanGiovanni wants to adopt the new pledge procedure on Thursday morning. She would say over the intercom: "I now invite you to rise and join me for the Pledge of Allegiance."

    The students' efforts drew national attention earlier this year. Principal Ryan Caron says 11 of 12 departments voted to approve the new procedure and he expects the remaining department to make the tally unanimous by the end of the day.

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