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School Warns Parents App Being Used for Sexting



    School Warns Parents App Being Used for Sexting

    Students tell school officials in York, Maine, that inappropriate images of classmates have surfaced on the Sip app. (Published Friday, April 17, 2015)

    School officials in York, Maine, are alerting parents about a new smart phone app that lets people post photos anonymously after reports that inappropriate images of students at York High School have surfaced on the app, Sip.

    The app is marketed as a way for college students to post photos of their campus. A user enters his or her location and posts pictures related to that location. Users in the area can see those photos uploaded and tagged to that location.

    According to York High School councilor Kevin Beatty, students have told staff that there may be inappropriate photos of their classmates on the app.

    Principal Bob Stevens said the school is not investigating any incidents because it "didn't happen at school," but he said they are in contact with York Police.

    School officials have sent a note to parents, warning them that this app allows people to post photos anonymously. They are asking parents to monitor how their children are using social media on their phones.

    Brett Whitmarsh, a social media professor at Lyndon State College, said anonymous apps are becoming more popular, especially among teenagers.

    He said Sip is a new app, and not very popular. While the publisher states it is intended to share campus photos, he said it has characteristics of a sexting app.

    The publishers of the app did not respond to a request for a comment Friday.

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