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PD: Senator Drove on Opposite Side of Road in Crash

Sen. Maynard Wrong Way Crash

(Published Monday, Jan. 18, 2016)

Waterford Police say Sen. Andrew Maynard was driving on the wrong side of Route 32 when he collided with a car, and his Volkswagen Passat tumbled down an embankment.

The new information comes from police investigators' interviews with a witness and the driver of the car that was struck.

The woman struck by Maynard is doing well and Maynard was released from the hospital Monday afternoon.

“We don’t know what actually occurred here and it’s really up to the police to reconstruct this which I believe they’re in the process of doing" said Kelly Reardon, an attorney representing Maynard.

Police initially told NBC Connecticut that Maynard was driving in the southbound lanes heading north when the crash happened, but they've since clarified he was on the northbound side going south during the crash. Witnesses told police that Maynard crossed at the opening in the divided highway into into the northbound lane, traveling a short distance before he struck another car and continued off the road. 

The woman involved in the crash initially said she thought Maynard was driving beside her but then told police that he in fact was driving on the wrong side of the road. An attorney representing the woman did not return a call Monday.

Maynard suffered a severe brain injury during a fall at his home in 2014 and that led to questions about his ability to serve in office and run for reelection. He won his election, and served in the State General Assembly last year.

His attorney says there's no reason to believe his injuries, from which she says he's recovered, played any role in the accident.

“He never would have been on the roadway if he felt he was a risk to other people and other motorists and we just don’t know if his medical condition resulting from the fall in any way played a part in this accident at this point.”

Police say they are still investigating the crash and haven't yet spoken with Maynard, who did suffer a concussion.

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story reported Maynard's accident happened on the southbound side as he traveled north, which was information police provided, but they've since provided updated information from witnesses clarifying Maynard was driving south when he crossed into the oncoming northbound lane and crashed.