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Spree of Vandalism Targets Homes, Cars, Mailboxes



    Spree of Vandalism Targets Homes, Cars, Mailboxes

    Police say 30 homes on Norwood Road in Salem, New Hampshire, were hit. (Published Saturday, Aug. 15, 2015)

    A neighborhood in Salem, New Hampshire, was hit with a vandalism spree.

    Police say 30 homes on Norwood Road were targeted.

    Saturday, people continued cleaning up from the defacements, which likely happened overnight Thursday before being discovered Friday.

    "Pretty much every house on the road had some kind of vandalism from spray paint, whether it was the residence itself, the home was spraypainted, or the cars or the mailboxes were spray painted," said Salem Police Sgt. Jason Smith.

    The vandals didn't seem to have a message to share - the graffiti was random and messy.

    "I figured it was just kids going through the neighborhood," said Straud Armstrong. "I'm glad they didn't smash anything with baseball bats like kids do."

    Many haven't had the chance to cover up or wash away the paint.

    If the culprits are caught, there could be serious consequences.

    "This would be over several thousands of dollars, and in New Hampshire, it would be a felony," said Smith.

    It's not just the spray paint that is unsettling, people who live here say it's knowing someone invaded their quiet neighborhood while they slept.
    Many are now leaving their outside lights on.

    If police do catch a suspect, he he or she will have to pay restitution.

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