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Standardized Tests Critics Push Several Bills to Ease Requirement

Not all agree with changing the way things are now.



    Standardized Tests Critics Push to Make Tests Less of Requirement

    (Published Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015)

    Critics of standardized tests are pushing several bills on Beacon Hill with the goal of making these tests less of a graduation requirement.

    "They've driven us to higher test scores," said Sen. Patricia Jehlen. "They haven't driven us to hire achievement."

    Senator Jehlen lead a meeting with fellow legislators to say standardized tests like the MCAS and the proposed switch to the partnership for assessment of readiness for college and careers or the PARCC test cannot and should not be the only way to measure a student's ability to succeed.

    "A high school diploma shows that you've worked hard and stuck through school for 12 grades and passed all your classes," said Rep. Mary Keefe. "We should not be leading an arbitrary score prevent students from graduating."

    The Boston Teachers Union said "we welcome a serious examination of the proposal to licit standardized testing. It is long overdue. Teachers, students, and parents generally agree that altogether too much time is spent in preparing for and taking standardized tests to the detriment of real teaching and learning."

    But not all agree with changing the way things are now.

    A new report released Thursday by the Pioneer Institute basically says "if it ain't broke don't fix it…"

    We caught up with one of the co-authors of that report, Dr. Mark Mcquillan.

    "I do think that The evidence would show that it's a very good measure for showing high school competency," he said.

    Governor Charlie Baker said he wants standardized testing to remain. So the question is: Will future Massachusetts students continue to take the MCAS and will the state adopt the PARCC exam or combine the two into a new test many refer to as MCAS 2.0?

    NECN will follow developments here on Beacon Hill. 

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