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Stoughton Selectman Meeting Gets Out of Hand

Selectman Joe Mokrinsky said his biggest beef was that Cohn ignored the motion to adjourn.



    A nearly four-hour meeting came to an end as selecmen rose to leave and tempers began to flare.

    (Published Friday, Feb. 24, 2017)

    Robert Cohn wasn't happy.

    It was nearly four hours into Tuesday night's Board of Selectman meeting and he was trying to finish several agenda items when a fellow selectman moved to adjourn. A second selectman quickly seconded the motion.

    "Wait a minute. I'm tired of not finishing agendas." Cohen said Tuesday night "I'm the chairman and we are going to continue on."

    With the motion to adjourn still on the table, Cohn pressed on, as several selectman started to get up to leave.

    Finally, someone tells Cohn there is no longer a quorum.

    "(Bleep), meeting adjourned, lack of quorum," Cohn said, throwing his pen.

    "I apologize to the people, it was done under my breath under frustration," Cohn said Friday. "When I turned around and two of them were walking out the door it was frustrating to me, that is all I wanted was 5 minutes."

    Selectman Joe Mokrisky was one of the selectman who left the meeting.

    "He is a good guy, but every once in a while he flies off the handle," Mokrinsky said. "I can do that as well, but there is a time and place for that, and that was DEFINITELY not the time or place."

    Mokrinsky said his biggest beef was that Cohn ignored the motion to adjourn.

    "The chairman of any body doesn't have the power to just run everything," he said. "No one person has the ability to shut another person up and it is just as simple as that."

    Cohn, for his part, says while he is sorry for his choice of words, he isn't sorry for his passion for local politics.

    "I'm a highly emotional guy and everyone says I yell and scream, and all that, my mother was deaf for 40 years, and when you have a deaf person in the house, you always speak loud and it is always going to be with you," he said.

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