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Strong Scents Banned in Halifax, MA, Town Hall

In Halifax, the stink is all about the smell.



    The Halifax, MA, town hall is banning strong smelling cologne and other scents (Published Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016)

    In Halifax, Massachusetts, the stink is all about the smell.

    "We have some people who don't believe this is actual a real thing," Charlie Seelig, Halifax's Town Administrator, said.

    Seelig says a few weeks ago several town employees told him they were having trouble breathing because of coworkers cologne, perfume and other scents.

    "Some people say they should wear gas masks," Seelig said.

    Seelig requested town employees refrain from wearing strong scents to work. Last week, the town decide to expand that request to those visiting town hall as well.

    "We are asking visitors on a voluntary basis to not wear strong scents and smells into the building," he said. "If you are overdosed in cologne or aftershave or something like that, think about it before you come to Town Hall."

    Seelig says there have been a few grumblings but no major issues since the request went public.

    "We are asking people to think about how they interact with each other and what they do will affect other people," Seelig said.

    There have been some learning moments though.

    "We have had to deal with bathroom issues in the sense that they have strong smells int bathrooms obviously, so how do you deodorize a bathroom without these people having problems with the deodorizer," he said.

    "That is a little ridiculous," Sal Cradle said with a laugh. "That's special."

    "Fine with me," Jim Sanford said. "I don't see any real need for any of that anyway."

    Seelig says there are a few other cities in the United States with similar requests on the books. Seelig didn't know of any other town in Massachusetts.

    "We are not going to have a police officer, or the equivalent of the smell police at the town hall checking everyone who comes in. It is voluntary, we are just asking for consideration."

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