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Student With Down Syndrome Wins Basketball Game for Team

Chris McIntyre Wins Basketball Game

(Published Friday, Feb. 5, 2016)

It was Kennedy Middle School's last basketball game of the season in Southington. The school was up against its rival: Joseph A. Depaolo Middle School.

Coach Matthew Leskowitz made a crucial decision for Kennedy's Junior Varsity team.

He put Christopher McIntyre  into the game.

Once the 8th grader with Down Syndrome started, he couldn't stop.

McIntyre, wearing number 14, shot basket after basket through out the game.

"They won the game because of Chris," Assistant Principal Susanne Vitcavage said. 

The crowd roared for McIntyre each time the ball made it through the hoop. Vitcavage said even the opposing team was cheering him on. 

While McIntyre may not "technically" be on the team, Vitcavage said he practices with them frequently.

“It wasn’t about the score, it was just about watching Chris play,” Vitcavage said.

The ending score wasn't clear but teammates on the opposing team didn't seem to be phased by the loss.

When the teams lined up at the end Vitcavage said everyone was hugging one another.