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Teen Helps Rescue Friend From New Hampshire Pond



    Teen Saves Friend's Life at New Hampshire Pond

    A 14-year-old boy helped save his friend over the weekend after the friend suffered a seizure while swimming in a pond in Pelham, New Hampshire.

    (Published Monday, July 23, 2018)

    Doctors say a New Hampshire teenager is lucky to be alive after having a seizure while swimming over the weekend.

    Ethan Gerry and Matthew Brooks were on Little Island Pond in Pelham enjoying their 8th-grade graduation party on Saturday afternoon when things took a terrifying turn for Brooks.

    "His eyes went to the top of his head and I noticed that he was shaking rapidly," recalled Gerry.

    In a moment when most people might panic, the 14-year-old Timberlane student stayed calm.

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    Gerry screamed to the adults on shore and then jumped into the water after his friend who had fallen off their float.

    "I was just trying to hold on, I was just thinking, 'I’ve got to help Matt,'" Gerry recalled.

    Matt Brooks said he doesn't remember anything.

    "Basically nothing," he said.

    That's because he was unconscious.

    "He wasn't moving, his eyes were closed and his lips were purple," Gerry said.

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    He added that Brooks was dead weight as he pulled him from the bottom of the pond up to the surface.

    "It was tough," Gerry said. "I'll admit I was low on air, I was coughing up water."

    At that point, the adults had called 911 and jumped in to help. By the time paramedics arrived, Matt was coming to.

    "It was a big relief," Gerry said.

    Brook's mom, Tiffany Paolino, can’t believe Ethan's composure and especially his courage when his friend needed him most.

    "He put his friend first above his own life, took that risk to make sure his friend was going to be ok," said Paolino. "Ethan definitely is our hero."

    After several tests in the hospital, doctors say Matt's seizure was likely a freak accident.

    "Very thankful, just glad he was there," Brooks said.

    It was a moment that bonded two boys — as best friends for life.

    "I thanked him, I thanked him a lot throughout the last couple days," Brooks said.

    Gerry's mom spoke with NBC10 Boston over the phone. She said she couldn't be more proud of her son.

    The two teenagers are eager to start high school together in the fall.

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