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Teen Killed in Car Crash

The community is mourning the loss of 19-year-old Nicholas Haynes



    Teen Killed in Car Crash

    A Lincoln, Maine, teen was found dead on Saturday after his car crashed into a wall.

    Police said an officer tried to pull 19-year-old Nicholas Haynes over, but was unable to catch up to him because he was speeding. An hour later, his mother reported him missing. That's when police found the Haynes’ car slammed into a granite wall off the dirt road at the end of Bagley Mountain Road and burst into flames. His body was about 15-feet from the smoldering car.

    The community of Lincoln is still reeling over the loss of Haynes. Neighbors, co-workers and friends said they will hold onto their positive memories of him. He graduated from Mattanawcook High School last year and friends said he love to play basketball. They also shared he was on the varsity team in high school and stood out on the court.

    The 19-year-old had a special flare in the kitchen; he was promoted as cook at Timberhouse after working for the restaurant for three years. His co-worker, Garrett Sutherland described Nick as a quiet person until he got to know you and then he'd open up.

    Sutherland said, "When he worked, he never complained. No matter how busy or how stressful things got he always did his job and did it good."

    That's why the community is stunned to have lost Nick Saturday night in a car crash. Detective, Mark Fucile said young drivers have to be extra careful on the roads - especially when they're stressed.

    "They need to pay attention to what's going on because when you are in that situation you have tunnel vision. You are focused on one thing. You are not paying attention to the roadway. You may drive more aggressively."

    Friends like Dustin Smith just want the Hayes family to know they're thinking of them.

    "Stay strong. It's going to get better," he said.

    The high school will be providing counseling for students when school starts next week. Police said if you are emotionally distressed call the local authorities or the crisis hotline number at 1-888-568-1112.

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