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Bank Warns Customers of Text Message Scam



    Webster Bank Scam Warning

    Someone claiming to be from Webster Bank sent a text message to people all over Connecticut. (Published Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015)

    Webster Bank is warning its customers of a text message purporting to be from the bank that might actually be trying to hack personal information from people.

    Someone claiming to be from Webster Bank has sent out text messages to people warning them they need to review their account details.

    The message says, "Dear Webster Bank customer, we are currently performing maintenance of our network. Renew personal details" and includes a link.

    Webster Bank is aware of the messages and said that they are a scam and didn't come from the bank. The bank is warning customers not to click that link and to delete the messages. Bank officials released the following statement:

    "We are aware that some Webster Bank customers have been targeted by a texting scam that appears to be similar to several recent industry attempts," Webster Bank said in a statement. "Webster's critical systems and customer data remain secure. We have alerted customers who receive this text to delete it and not to open it or follow any links that are attached. As part of our security and privacy safeguards, we continually remind customers that reputable organizations will never request personal or confidential information via email or text. Webster is working closely with business partners to bring down/remove the fraudulent websites. Customers with questions should contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-325-2424.”

    Bank officials also took to Twitter to warn concerned customers not to click on the link and to delete the text.

    Longtime Webster Bank customer Samuel Rivera, of New Haven, said of the text scam, "I don't click on it because I know there's a lot of scams going out, happening these days."

    NBC Connecticut has learned that even non-customers of Webster Bank are receiving the same message.

    Sade Kent, of Stratford, said that given "we really run off an electronic system," getting a text message like that is "very scary."

    "It could happen to any bank, so are we really even safe?" she said. "Are we going to go back to keeping money in our mattresses?"

    It's unclear how many people received these texts or who's behind them.