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School Bus Van With 2 Students Aboard Hits Car



    Clear the Air

    A West Hartford school bus van driver received a citation for a stop sign violation after colliding with a car while he had two students and two para-professional aboard, police said. 

    Police responded to the crash on Mohegan Drive at the Brewster Road intersection at about 7:13 a.m. on Monday. 

    Ramon Ramirez, 39, of Hartford, was driving the bus westbound on Brewster Road when he pulled out from a stop sign and hit a 2003 Subaru driving in the southbound direction on Mohegan Drive, police said. There is a posted stop sign on Brewster Road, but there isn't one on Mohegan Drive at that intersection. 

    There were two students and two para-professionals on the bus and only one person in the Subaru. 

    Both vehicles sustained minor damage and no one was reported injured. The glass on the folding front door on the bus was smashed out and the front left side of the car was damaged, police said. Neither vehicle required towing. 

    Police cited Ramirez with an infraction of a right-of-way stop sign violation.