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What Pet Should You Adopt?



    What Pet Should You Adopt?

    Looking to adopt a furry friend? The New Hampshire SPCA has advice for what types of animals may be right for you! (Published Friday, July 31, 2015)

    As part of our Clear the Shelters campaign, we'll be looking at stories about animal adoption. While it can be an overwhelming experience, those who've done it say it's all worth it.

    Alex, a 4-month-old mouse, needs a home.

    "He can be a little bit shy, he's never been on TV before," said New Hampshire SPCA adoption counselor Jennifer Frey. "He's been waiting for a home for most of his life."

    Frey says Alex or one of the guinea pigs at the SPCA would be the perfect fit as a first pet.

    "They don't bite, really easy to handle," she said. "Really, really sweet little pets."

    If you're ready for a bit more responsibility, Frey says you should look in the cat community room.

    "Cats are pretty low maintenance, so if you work long hours, you dont have to take them outside to go to bathroom," she said.

    If you're adopting a cat or a dog, Frey says you first need to consider the financial responsibility.

    "Dogs and cats also require vaccination," she explained.

    If you have children, make sure they meet your pet before bringing them home.

    "Sometimes the children can be a little bit nervous, or maybe the dog's a little bit high energy," Frey said.

    And they'll need your help to burn that energy - Frey says dogs need at least two walks a day and training sessions.

    Also, prepare your house - secure the garbage and put away the things you don't want ruined.

    Eventually, they'll learn the rules. But Frey says every new pet owner must have patience.

    If you think you're ready to adopt but you're still nervous, you should know that the New Hampshire SPCA will provide three free training classes and then behavior advice for life.

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