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'White Girls Only': No Disciplinary Action Toward Yale Fraternity



    'White Girls Only': No Disciplinary Action Toward Yale Fraternity
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    Yale will not pursue disciplinary action against a fraternity that students say turned away people of color during a supposed "white girls only" party in October, according to a message sent by the university's dean.

    "The investigation found no evidence of systematic discrimination against people of color," Dean Jonathan Holloway said in a Wednesday message to all Yale students about the Sigma Alpha Epsilon party. "Students inside the party reported that early in the evening, before the party became crowded, guests were granted admission on a first-come basis; men and women of color were among those admitted."

    Holloway said that two students provided "credible accounts" that up to two SAE members said "white girls only" but members of the fraternity denied the statements. 

    The incident was one of recent complaints of racial tensions at the prestigious Ivy League school. A teacher from the university resigned after backlash about an offensive Halloween email she sent to students in October.

    Thousands of Yale students and faculty members protested in New Haven in a "march of resistance" in November, calling for justice amid racial concerns on campus. 

    Marchers chanted, "We out here, we've been here, we ain't leaving, we are loved," along with, "We are unstoppable, another Yale is possible." Students carried signs bearing messages such as,"I Stand With My Sisters" and "United We Stand."