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More "White Lives Matter" Fliers Found in Conn.



    More "White Lives Matter" Fliers Found in Conn.
    This photo is of a flier that was found in East Haven at the beginning of the month.

    Police in Fairfield are investigating after leaflets reading “White Lives Matter” were delivered to several homes in the Greenfield Hill neighborhood.

    Fairfield is the fourth community in two weeks to have the racially charged fliers dropped. Lt. James Perez of Fairfield police says about eight homes reported receiving the fliers, which were wrapped in a plastic bag with small rocks in them. Each bag contained a folded 8” by 11” piece of white paper that read “White Lives Matter.” Identical fliers have been found in Westport, Milford, and East Haven in recent weeks.

    The phrase appears to be in response to the saying “Black Lives Matter,” which has become a mantra in response to the killings of black men by police officers in places like Ferguson, New York City, and Baltimore.

    Lt. Perez says the detective division is investigating. No one is claiming responsibility.