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Winter's Grip on Spring Costly for Landscapers

For some, the cold isn't just unpleasant, it's costly.



    Winter's Grip on Spring Costly for Landscapers

    (Published Monday, March 23, 2015)

    Nearing the end of March, temperatures across New England are a solid 20 degrees below average. For some, the cold isn't just unpleasant, it's costly.

    Owners of Giant Landscaping in Manchester say they should be making money on spring cleanup jobs right now, but instead the trucks in the parking lot, with plows and sanders still attached, and their gravel still covered in snow.

    Jeff Lavigne is a co-owner, and tells us what a normal spring would sound like.

    "By April 1st, we are out in full swing," Lavigne said. "Spring cleanups, mulching, edging, all the good stuff."

    But not this season.

    Yards are still covered in snow, and where the snow has melted, the ground is still frozen.

    "It's miserable this weather is not fun," Lavigne said.

    He's hopeful to get his crews working by the middle of April.

    "Everyone is anxious to get out and start doing the work," Lavigne said.

    Once they do, they'll have only a couple weeks to get their customers grass green and ready for cutting by May.

    "We will do seven-day workweeks and overtime," Lavigne said. "It will hurt the bottom line little bit."

    The only green grass we could find in the region, was at Sky Meadow Country Club in Nashua.

    Head Golf Professional James Turner says maintenance crews had to snow blow the greens.

    "Normally they are out there on the grass, raking, planting grass, and getting things going," Turner said.

    In fact, a few years ago, the club was open in time for a warm, sunny St. Patrick's Day.

    "This year we are really late, other years we are early, and so it evens out," Turner said.

    As we struggle through mid-winter temperatures during this first week of spring, Turner says his members, like most New Englanders, are on their last nerve.

    "They need their vitamin D, they're ready for the sun to come out, and to get outside, it's been a long winter," he said laughing.

    Turner hopes the course will be open by April 19th.

    As for Giant Landscaping, Lavigne says there will be so much work to do when the snow melts, they'll be hiring additional landscapers if you're looking for work. 

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