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Woman Donates to Help Vandalism Victim's Family Christmas



    Woman Donates to Help Vandalism Victim's Family Christmas
    NBC Connecticut

    Last week's report of family's Christmas in jeopardy after someone with a BB gun vandalized their family's van and home sparked a local woman to help out. 

    Jaime Cilinceon of West Haven feared that the repair to her shattered minivan window would come at a cost to her daughters at a time so close to Christmas and right before their 5th and 8th birthdays.

    “That's two hundred dollars that could have gone to the kids’ Christmas and both girls have birthdays right after Christmas," said Cilinceon told NBC Connecticut last week.

    A woman, who wishes to remain unnamed, wrote an email to NBC Connecticut in order to help out Cilinceon's family.

    "I've been in a bad spot financially and it's always the kids who take the brunt of it," the woman said.

    The woman signed the message, “Someone Back on their Feet and Trying to Pay it Forward”.

    An NBC Connecticut news crew was able to meet with that mystery mother this week, who asked that an envelope and card be delivered to Cilinceon in West Haven. On the outside of the envelope was a simple message: "From my family to yours". On the inside were the words "Good luck. Best wishes and happy holidays".

    Inside the card were four new $50 bills, which is just enough to cover the cost of fixing that broken van window.

    “It's overwhelming. It really is. I mean, it's overwhelming," said Cilinceon. "There's still good people out there.”

    Neighbors, who's homes and cars were also hit, said their faith in their fellow man has just been restored by a woman they don't even know.

    “Whoever you are, you touched our heart," said Robin Foster, who lives on the corner of Dana St.

    Cilinceon, meanwhile, said that she intends to take the gift she has just been given and promises to somehow 'pay it forward'.