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Woman at Maine Mailbox Injured by Hit-and-Run Driver



    Woman at Mailbox Injured by Hit-and-Run Driver

    A woman getting her mail outside her home in Winterport, Maine, was injured Tuesday night by a hit-and-run driver.

    (Published Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018)

    The walk to the mailbox will never be the same for one woman in Winterport, Maine.

    Around 7 p.m. Tuesday, Georgina Wells, 56, was opening her mailbox while holding a light and an umbrella. She was standing on the curb of her driveway when she heard a bang, and felt a force so strong it knocked her in the air and back several feet. When she landed in her yard, she watched tail lights speed away.

    “They had to have known they hit something,” said Wells.

    The driver left without stopping while Wells was laying on the ground, unable to move and crying out for help.

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    “It was a sharp pain in my leg,” she said.

    Inside her home, her husband Wendell heard the family dog barking and scratching at the door to get outside. When he looked out, he saw his motionless wife and feared the worst.

    “I was terrified,” he said. “She couldn’t move her arms or legs.”

    After an ambulance ride to Bangor and an evaluation at the hospital, Wells learned she did not have any broken bones. She is badly bruised and sore, but should recover. She said the crash could have ended much differently.

    “If I had stepped in front of the mailbox it would have been a different scenario,” she said. “I would have been on top of the car.”

    While the hit-and-run driver failed to stop, a part of the car remained at the scene. Investigators found a broken off passenger’s side mirror, which helped them get a rough description of the car. They are looking for a dark blue Honda Civic, made between 2009-2011.

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    The Wells would like to see more speed limit signs posted on their road, and they’re asking all drivers to slow down. Georgina’s doctor estimates the car that hit her was going at least 45 mph in a 35 mph zone. They’re hoping the driver that hit her comes forward.

    “Please own up to what you did,” she said.

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